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Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics,optimization capabilities and Simulation Lifecycle Management products. The industrial are successful projects in industries including automotive, electronics, and heavy equipment. In addition to our expertise, we still help you achieve real return on your investment in simulation technology.

Abaqus FEA Whether you need to understand the detailed behavior of a complex assembly, refine concepts for a new design, understand the behavior of new materials, or simulate a discrete manufacturing process, Abaqus FEA provides the most complete and flexible solution to get the job done.

The software suite delivers accurate, robust, high-performance solutions for challenging nonlinear problems, large-scale linear dynamics applications, and routine design simulations.

Its unmatched integration of implicit and explicit FEA capabilities enables you to use the results of one simulation directly in a subsequent analysis to capture the effects of prior history, such as manufacturing processes on product performance.