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  Abaqus Multiphysics

  The advantage of Abaqus Multiphysics is the ease with which Multiphysics problems can be solved by the Abaqus structural FEA user.

From the same model, same element library, same material data, and same load history, an Abaqus structural FEA model can easily be extended to include additional physics interaction. No additional tools, interfaces, or simulation methodology are needed.

Multiphysics Capabilities in Abaqus FEA

  • Abaqus/CFD

  • Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian

  • Hydrostatic-Fluid-Mechanical

  • Piezoelectric-Mechanical

  • Structural-Acoustic

  • Thermal-Electrical

  • Thermal-Mechanical

  • Thermal-Fluid-Mechanical

  • Structural-Pore Pressure